Rise Above the Ordinary

When I was teaching General Paper to students for 5 years, no one ever asked me of what is the meaning of our school motto which is ‘Rise Above the Ordinary’. But surprisingly, when I became the Student Activity Manager, students after students kept on asking me of what is the meaning of the school […]

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Running Club @ FIS

One healthy activity that we can indulge ourselves into without spending a dollar is running. Running has revolutionised the concept of natural fitness into our modern society. That is why here in FIS, we are also taking this free commodity and use it as far as we can benefit from it. In fact, last 16 […]

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Music Club @FIS

Music attracts any individual who has the ability to think and especially to feel. Emotions such as being happy, sad, over-joy, confused and many others can be felt in a song through the wonderful lyrics created by a song writer. Since we believe that music is beloved by most if not all, so decided to […]

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Cycling Society@FIS

Cycling has become a popular lifestyle among youngsters and elderly alike. This is due to the practical benefits one can get from it, from health to pyscho-social benefits, modern humans have been trying to get the best out of this- cycling.  Here at Furen, we started our cycling society to promote a healthy lifestyle through […]

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Debate Society @ FIS

Having to debate is not an easy task and it is not as most top students viewed it as simply walk in a park. Debating requires mastery of skills, logical to critical thinking abilities and at the same time requires language and reliable research skills.  Having to witness the selected members of our school’s Debate […]

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